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Bellicon Mini-Trampoline with T-bar
                   December 2021

An absolute fantastic piece of equipment is now available to all my clients!   The German-made Bellicon is often cited as the Cadillac among mini-trampolines (also known as a rebounder).  A trampoline is one of the best ways to increase your heart rate without undue stress on the back, hips, knees or ankles!  It helps the pelvic floor get toned, muscles are strengthened, it challenges and improves your balance, lymphatic drainage is stimulated (fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues) and cellular metabolism is activated. 

                                                  (NEW) Movement Through Music class

                                                                                           November 2021

A fantastic way to move your body in all planes of motion is to do so through music.  This 45-minute class concentrates on deep breathing, moving all parts of your body, fun cognitive group activities, conducting to classical music (big flowing motions) and stretching.  This isn't so much a dance class, but more of an all-body movement class that is done while listening to various genres of music.  Not quite sure how to move your body to a particular song?  Don't worry, imagine that you are swimming (e.g. do the back or breaststroke) or "push" the water from side to side.  


The balls on the bungee cord are a challenge to hit.

Time for new equipment
                June 2021

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new equipment 2021.jpg

Bigger Outdoor Space
            Fall & Winter 2020

deck class.jpg
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The lovely tree on the deck provides shade on those warm and sunny days.   

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Do you BOSU?

      December 2019

Santa knew what I wanted, the NexGen Pro Balance Trainer!


My clients have been using the BOSU for years, and now they get to work on BOSU's commercial grade balance trainer.

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Parkinson's Foundation

Moving Day San Jose


              June 1, 2019

The Parkinson’s Foundation is a national organization whose mission is to make life better for people with Parkinson's disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure.

Moving Day is a fundraising event for the foundation.

Parkies Punch Back participated in this year's event.

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Freestanding Heavy Bag

                   February 2019

This is a great addition to the gym.  Punch, kick, move around the bag - lots of options.

Everlast Angle Heavy Bag

                November 2018

This new bag is a hit (yes, pun intended)!

Jab, cross, hooks, and gotta love the ease at making those uppercuts now. 


August 2018

Inflatable Punching Bag

  Parkies Punch Back


The newest addition to the Parkinson's classes is the inflatable punching bag from Bonk Fit.  The numbered targets are very useful when making progressions.

Start with a simple 2-punch combo and then build upon that sequence - add a bob or slip and now we're having some real fun!  Wonderful for making that mind and body connection.

Parkinson's Conference

              November 2, 2018

What an awesome experience to be in a room full of people that work with those that have PD. Scientists, movement disorder specialists, and neurologists gave talks throughout the day that touched on the advances made (such as deep brain stimulation), the heartbreak of trials that didn't go as well as expected, and new therapies that are on the horizon.

Hans bonk fit.jpg

New Equipment

    January - March 2018

Quick Puncher

Stroops - Slastix resistance bands,

Universal Swivel Belt, and Fit Stik Pro

       Put up your Dukes!
             Oct. & Nov. 2017

Clients and those participating in the Parkinson's fitness classes have been enjoying the speed bag and learning basic punches and combos with the focus mitts.

TRX PRO Suspension Trainer


                         May 2017

The suspension trainer is installed and already it's a favorite with my clients. Lower and upper body, and so many progressions on the exercises!

   Sandbells & Steelbell
     December 2016 & March 2017

Slam, throw, press overhead, press out, hold and do squats, etc...

So much you can do with sand and steelbells.   

          TRX Rip Trainer


                      September 2016

A great piece of equipment that can be used for all levels of fitness.  I love the movement involved in many of the exercises, the way it engages your core, how balance and coordination come into play, and it works lots of muscle groups at the same time.  It's been a fantastic addition to my circuit classes!

     Sandrope Battle Ropes


                         March 2016

Great for one-on-one sessions, fun with partner workouts, and the perfect addition to the Saturday circuit class.  These two 15lbs sandropes from Hyperwear work everything!  It can be exhausting, you may find it challenging, but in the end you will have had an intense full-body workout.