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Hi, I'm Virginia deRaddo

As an ACE certified personal trainer, I work with individuals and small groups from my micro-gym in Willow Glen, San Jose.


Get an effective workout whether it's 1x1, with a buddy or in one of the classes.  Both my Parkinson's program, Parkies Punch Back, and sessions with those without PD include endurance work, pushing yourself with high-intensity exercises, opportunities to work on balance (that go beyond standing on one leg), agility, cardio, dual-tasking and lots more!

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Fitness Training

Virginia Trainer

General public Information

Punishing workouts can harm your body - let's change the mindset to longevity!


Get an effective & enjoyable workout in a supportive and encouraging environment. Going to the gym doesn't need to be a chore.


Workouts focus on strength training, using both endurance & short high-intensity work.  Learn about functional fitness and you might even get some boxing in from time to time!  


Plan to get your heart rate up and to do fun cognitive activities. 


Classes three evenings a week and Saturday mornings. If classes aren't for you, try a one-on-one session or grab a buddy for partner workouts. 


Parkies Punch Back

Parkinson's Information

Over a 2-month period in 2017 I created the Parkies Punch Back program


Nearly one million people in the U.S. have Parkinson's. It’s the second-most common neurodegenerative disease.


For many, increasing physical activity can significantly slow the progression of PD. Exercise is medicine - take your daily dose and thrive!  


Boxing is a popular exercise for people with Parkinson's.  Most classes include boxing, but I also offer an endurance & high-intensity class that does not include boxing.   

Or, move your body in all planes of motion and perform big movements in my Movement Through Music class.


Come experience a tailored Parkinson's exercise program and build confidence.


Classes are held five days a week or book a one-on-one session to match your schedule.



1239 Avis Drive

San Jose, CA 95126

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