I have reopened Parkies Punch Back and Virginia Trainer - in my backyard!
Classes are limited to two people.  Each person has all the equipment needed for the workout laid out for them - on an Adirondack chair. 
Everything is thoroughly wiped or sprayed with disinfectant after the workout.
Check out latest news for more pictures. 
I am also continuing with the following:
For my Parkinson's clients and anyone with PD, free workouts are available on YouTube.  
Click on above link and check out my videos, seated workouts, too.  
If you are new to Parkies Punch Back (PPB), and especially if you don't exercise at least once a week, please do my introductory workout video to get an idea of the Parkies Punch Back method.
ZOOM - I offer three classes a week!  Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:10pm and Saturday 9-9:40am.  Cost is $10, payable via Zelle or PayPal.  A waiver of liability must be signed before participating.  These classes are for my one-on-one clients and for those with Parkinson's that are able to do a Level 3 PPB YouTube workout. 
Email vderaddotrainer@gmail.com to join in on our group workouts.

Parkinson's Fitness Classes


Email me vderaddotrainer@gmail.com for current

schedule.  Classes are now outdoors and are limited

to two people.


Every client has a loyalty card - complete 12 workouts and the next one is free!


Assessment required before participating in classes.


Class $20 / Assessment $40

Please note that some of the equipment listed here is presently not available during this time.  I can take many of these items from my garage to the backyard for a class, but things like the speed bag and focus mitts (given the close proximity for that activity) can not be done.


Parkies Punch Back offers fitness classes for people with Parkinson's disease.  Classes include stretching, strength training, balance work, activities that challenge hand and eye coordination, neurobic exercises and non-contact boxing. 

The boxing element of the class is at least 25 minutes, it includes speed bag, heavy bag, and focus mitts work. 

Other equipment used in classes might include dumbbells, sandbells, battle ropes, kettlebells, body bars, BOSU, various sized stability/exercise & medicine balls, resistance cords & bands, TRX suspension & rip trainers. 

Individual Sessions

Interested in taking a class while visiting San Jose?

If you are already involved in a boxing for Parkinson's program elsewhere and you want to continue your workouts while away, please send me an email and let me know which day of the week you'd like to join a class.  If you are not involved in a boxing program, but are curious to try out a class, you still can participate after an assessment.  The assessment, on most days, can be done 45 minutes before a scheduled class.

Boxing Circuit Classes (Now on Zoom. Boxing gloves often used, but not required - 1lb weights will do.)

$10 per class.

These classes are not Parkinson's specific.  If you have PD you may be able to participate - contact me if interested.

Monday & Wednesday 6:30-7:10pm

Saturday 9:00-9:40am


One-on-one sessions available for anyone with Parkinson's.  Whether you want a few solo sessions before joining in on group classes, prefer one-on-one workouts, or you don't have time for an hour-long class and need the workouts to be shorter in duration, I'm available!  ​Please contact me for further information or if you'd like to schedule an assessment. 

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