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Now that winter has arrived, Parkinson's classes are held in my garage.  The garage and back door will remain open for proper ventilation. 


Classes limited to four people.

Current schedule as of January 2022.


Boxing Classes are $20

Hand wrap & boxing gloves are provided    

Monday and Thursday 10-11am             

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am             

Friday 9-10am  

Movement Through Music Classes are $15

Tuesday 10:45-11:30am

Wednesday 10:15-11am

Friday 10:30-11:15am

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One-on-one Parkinson's workouts

Whether you want to learn the basic punches used in boxing before joining in on a class, or you work and need an early morning session, or you prefer individualized workouts, one-on-one 45-minute sessions are available.  These sessions are held in the garage, but can easily be moved outside, if desired.

A package is 12 sessions and every other package purchased includes a free workout.

Package cost is $540 for 45 minutes ($45 per workout)

Pay as You Go rate is $50 per workout session.

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I also work with people that don't have Parkinson's and offer both individual and partner workouts.  You can choose between 30 or 45-minute workout sessions. 


A package is 10 sessions.


Individual rates:

$300 for 30 minutes

$450 for 45 minutes


Partner rates:

$200 per person for 30 minutes

$300 per person for 45 minutes



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               YouTube Workouts

There are a number of workouts available on YouTube to try. 

I much prefer working with people either in-person or via Zoom, so I've stopped uploading PPB workout videos to YouTube.  

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            Virtual Classes

                      via Zoom

        Monday and Wednesday





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Minimal equipment needed - a resistance band, a few dumbbells and boxing gloves.  One-pound weights can 

be used in place of boxing gloves.

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